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Flatbed, Wrecker, Rollback And Other Used Tow Trucks

Used tow trucks at cheap prices in different styles like flatbed, wrecker, rollback, and more making towing affordable.

There are millions of vehicles using the public highways on a daily basis. While the vast majority of these go about their business without mishap, there is a small percentage which will experience problems in the form of breaking down or being involved in accidents and shunts. From a safety perspective it is important to remove these vehicles from the highway as quickly as possible and this is typically done by tow trucks. If you are thinking of going into the towing business then used tow trucks can be one of the best options for purchasing a vehicle.


Used tow trucks are available in a variety of styles which can be used to transport a many different vehicles. One of the most common is the flatbed tow truck which can also be known as a rollback tow truck. These feature a large flat bed on the back of a truck. This typically sits in a horizontal position but can be lowered to form the shape of a ramp using a hydraulic system. Vehicles can then be driven or winched onto the bed which is returned to the horizontal position to transport the vehicle.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Other commonly used tow trucks include the wheel lift tow truck. This has a metal yoke which is fitted below the drive wheels of a car and used to lift these free of the ground with the car then in a position to be towed. A hook and chain tow truck is similar to this and uses chains wrapped around the axle of the vehicle to raise the front of the car and winch it against rubberized mats. However, hook and chain models are less common these days in comparison to wheel lift models. Another type of tow truck is the integrated tow truck which has a boom and wheel lift in one unit. This makes quick pickups of vehicles possible and this can be done from inside the cab of the tow truck.

Purchasing The Right Option

As can be seen there are a few different options available for tow trucks and if you are interested in purchasing one, taking the time to review the options should get you the best vehicle for the type of towing you are planning to do. There are a number of manufacturers that produce tow truck vehicles. The major car companies can be some of the best places to look with Ford and Chevrolet having a range of tow trucks available. Other manufacturers include Century, Holmes and Challenger.

Finding Used Dealers

If you are looking to purchase a tow truck there are a number of companies that have used tow trucks for sale. This can be more affordable than purchasing a brand new truck and some of the companies to consider for used trucks include Golden West Towing Equipment, Lynch Truck Center and House of Wreckers. These have a range of the various types of tow trucks for sale from many of the major manufacturers.

Why Do You Need One?

Tow trucks are a commonly used vehicle and, with the number of cars and trucks that break down or are involved in accidents, they will always be required. If you are considering going into the towing business there are a range of options for purchasing a towing vehicle. One of the most affordable is to buy used tow trucks and this is an option to look into when considering purchasing this type of vehicle.

Once you have your own tow truck, it’s time to put it to use by doing things like this!

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