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Used Commercial Trucks for Sale Online and Through Dealers

Used commercial trucks for sale including freightliner, dump, heavy, medium duty, flatbed, and more can all be found online at cheap prices.

While private vehicles tend to be the most common vehicles on the highway, there are also many commercial vehicles and businesses use these for a number of purposes. This can include transporting goods, towing vehicles, working purposes or a variety of other uses. This means that there is a vast array of used commercial trucks for sale on the market and there are a number of companies that manufacture and sell these.

Style Varieties

Used commercial trucks for sale come in a variety of styles. These can include box trucks which are used for transporting a variety of goods, flatbed trucks which typically transport heavier equipment and reefer trucks which have a refrigerated box for transporting temperature sensitive produce.

This video can give you a visual of just how many styles are out there.

Additional Types

Other types of commercial trucks can include tow trucks which are typically used to transport broken down or damaged vehicles, dump trucks which carry loose materials such as gravel, sand and dirt and also bucket trucks which have a platform on the back which can be raised to gain access to equipment at height.

Model Types

There are many different varieties of used commercial trucks for sale on offer and most of them come in light, medium and heavy duty models. Depending on your particular requirements you will need to select the best vehicle that suits your needs. Taking a little time to shop around is therefore a common sense thing to do and should enable you to find a suitable truck.

Finding The Right Used Truck

There are a number of major manufacturers that produce used commercial trucks for sale. Some of the larger companies such as Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota will produce many different types of commercial vehicles while smaller companies can specialize in a particular type. Altec for instance produces good quality bucket trucks while Freightliner is known for its range of delivery trucks. There are many manufacturers producing commercial vehicles and with a little research you should be able to identify a suitable make and model of vehicle that will suit your purposes.

Why Used Over New?

Rather than purchasing a new truck, a more affordable way to get a commercial vehicle is to consider used commercial trucks for sale. There are a number of companies that sell used commercial trucks and some of these include Lynch Truck Centre, Commercial Truck Trader and Trucker to Trucker. These have a range of different vehicles available for sale and using their websites is a good way to get an idea of the commercial trucks available and the cost for used vehicles. They are a good way of comparing and contrasting the vehicles available to find the best deal possible.


Typically costs for used commercial trucks will vary depending on the size of the vehicle, its mileage and also the manufacturer. Smaller used commercial vehicles can be found in the price range $5,000 to $10,000. However for heavy duty vehicles the price will increase with costs of $50,000 and above not being uncommon for larger vehicles.

If you have the need for a commercial vehicle there are many types to choose from. Used commercial trucks for sale offer a more affordable way of purchasing one of these. It is therefore something to be considered when looking into buying a commercial vehicle.

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