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Durable Truck Mud Tires For Off Road Driving

Truck mud tires provide great durability for off road driving.

If you have an off-road vehicle that you use for hobbies like mud bogging, you’ll be needing some truck mud tires.  These are specifically designed to give you traction and stability, even in the most slippery muddy grime.  Which type of tires you purchase will be based upon the best type for your truck model, as well as durability and workload.  The type of tire you purchase will determine how effectively your truck performs in the mud, and how long your tires will last.  So there are a few considerations you’ll have to make in which truck mud tires are going to be best for you.

Which Ones Will Work?

One of the major steps, is figuring out which off road tire types will work for your truck model.  Refer to your owner’s manual to see which size, and which tire types will work best for that truck.  That gives you a range to shop within.  Also consider that a larger tire will usually get more mileage, and provide a little more traction, especially in mud.  Traction is the most important factor obviously, and large truck tires usually provide a better amount, which means your mud riding activities will be as safe as possible.

Mud tires obviously must be durable and safe. After all, do you want this to happen?

Weight Limitations

Another really important factor, is a tire’s weight limitations.  You have to be sure that the tire can carry your truck, and the people or items that you’ll be driving with you.  Factor in on average how much weight your truck could be carrying on any given day.  Make sure the truck mud tire provides for well more than that, so you can ensure their durability, and rely on their ability to successfully navigate the biggest mud pits. Mud grip truck tires that can’t support as much weight as you’re carrying won’t be as effective, and will also wear down much more quickly.  That can lead to tire damage, and also costly vehicle damage.

Ride Options

Also consider how you want to ride through the mud.  There are two basic types of mud truck tires to facilitate mud bogging, both paddle tires and mud tires are sound options.  Paddle tires are useful for floating at the top of the mud, and literally paddling through the mass to the other side of a mud pool.  Mud tires are meant to stick into the bottom, and claw their way through, no matter how much muck is between you and the other side.  Mud tires tend to be the more fun, as they kick up more material, and provide a more bumpy and exciting ride.  But really it’s down to personal preference.

Opportunities To Shop

Any local auto shop will have a good selection of mud and paddle tires.  But you can also find great truck mud tires for sale at lower prices, on specialty websites like 4WheelOnline.com.  Online sites typically have cheaper prices per tire as well, and most offer free shipping.  But make sure an online site offers a guarantee so that you can return the tire if you’re unhappy with the quality.  Because you won’t actually see the tire before you receive it in the mail, make sure that the truck mud tires can be replaced if anything doesn’t meet your quality expectations.

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