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Tow, Dump, Commercial and Other Flatbed Trucks for Sale

Flatbed trucks for sale for a tow job, dump use, or other commercial purposes are sold in used and new form at cheap prices.

There is much materials and produce that is transported around the country on a daily basis and there are a number of types of vehicles which are designed specifically for this purpose. Flatbed trucks are an example of these and this type of truck is commonly used for transporting heavy equipment. Finding flatbed trucks for sale therefore is a relatively simple task and there are a number of places where they can be purchased.

Types of Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks for sale come in a couple of different varieties and this includes smaller rigid vehicles and larger articulated models. They are recognizable by their large, flat bed which does not have sides or roof. They are typically used to transport heavy goods and there are a few advantages to using them. Because they have no sides or roof, quick loading is possible with a crane easily able to lower materials directly onto the bed of the truck.

How Does It Work?

As the bed of the truck is open to the elements, flatbed trucks generally carry equipment which is hard wearing and not vulnerable to rain. However a load can be given some protection by covering it with a tarpaulin. Construction industry equipment and abnormal size loads are some of the materials that are typically carried by flat bed trucks, although they can be used to transport a range of goods and materials.

Still confused? Here is a hands on look at one type of flatbed truck.


There are many manufacturers that produce flatbed trucks for sale. Some of the well known companies include Chevrolet, Scania, GMC, Ford and Freightliner. These produce a range of fixed and articulated models in a variety of sizes. Most consumers looking to purchase a flatbed truck should be able to find a suitable model from one of these manufacturers although there are many others to choose from.

Where To Shop

If you are looking for flatbed trucks for sale there are a number of outlets that sell these. Many of the major manufacturers have dealerships that sell their vehicles and details of one in your area can typically be found by contacting the company or checking out their website. There are also a number of companies that have a range of manufacturer’s new and used trucks for sale. The internet can be one of the best places to find these and some of those to consider include Trucker to Trucker and Truck n Trailer. These typically have a range of flatbed trucks on offer and this makes it a simple task to compare and contrast the specifications and prices to find the best option available.


The cost of new and use flatbed trucks for sale will typically depend on a few factors. These can include the size of the truck, the mileage, whether it is new or used and the manufacturer. Smaller used flatbed trucks can be found on the market for less than $10,000. However if you are interested in a larger vehicle these can easily cost $50,000 and greater to purchase. The best way to find a price is to contact a dealer and ask for a quote for the vehicle of your choice.

If you have a requirement to transport heavy goods then the best way this can be done is using a flatbed truck. They are quick and easy to load and with the variety of flatbed trucks for sale on the market anyone who needs to, should be able to find a vehicle that suits their purposes and their budget.

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