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Car, Truck, SUV and Van Discount Tires Online

There are plenty of ways to find cheap car tires and truck ones too.

Finding discount tires online can be a great way to avoid industry price mark ups in your area.  In numerous cases, local automotive stores will raise prices beyond what they should be, because they know you’ll have to pay that price.  To completely avoid this, you can purchase your tires via the internet, but there are a few extra considerations you’ll have to make.

Tire Type Options

Beyond just the regular tire information, you’ll want to research a tire type that you’re interested in, so that you can be sure that tire is right for your car.  Because you won’t actually be seeing the tire, doing your research is the best way to successfully find discount online tires that won’t disappoint.

Deciding On Proper Tires

The first thing you should do, is narrow your search by thinking of the type of tire that’s most important to you.  What do you use your car or truck for?  Do you do a lot of driving down dirt roads, because of the area you live in?  Or are you located in a city, where your car will never leave nicely paved city roads?  Depending upon the answer, an off-road or on-road tire will be the best choice.  This is an important decision, as you need to choose the right tire, so that you can get the best value for your money.

Here is a video on how to properly shop online.


Don’t forget to refer to your owner’s manual, to see the tire size and types that are best suited to your vehicle when looking to buy cheap tires.  Then stick within those considerations, when shopping for discounted tires online.  Also consider which type of speed rating is ideal for you, for where you’re going to be driving your car most.  Speed ratings start at S which is the lowest, and ascend through T, U, H, V, W, Y and Z where Z is the highest speed rated.  If you do a lot of highway driving at high speeds, a wheel that’s higher on the scale will be better, so that you get the most mileage from that tire.  Also a tire that’s rated at a higher speed, will be safer when driving on a highway.

Shopping For New or Used Tires

Usually when finding discount tires online, you want to stay away from any used tires.  A used tire needs to be inspected before you purchase one.  With an online tire, you won’t be able to inspect it beforehand, so for safety reasons, stick to new tires from reputable websites.  Sites like OnlineTires.com and DiscountTireDirect.com are some of the best choices.  They have a wide variety of tires from different brands, and for different uses, all at competitive prices.  Remember to pay special attaention to how long the tire is expected to last.  A more expensive tire that has a higher mileage expectation, is usually a better value than a cheaper tire with a lower mileage limit.

Perhaps the most important part of finding discount tires online however, is making sure that the website has a guarantee.  Never shop at a site that doesn’t guarantee their tires, so that if anything goes wrong, you can receive a full refund.  No guarantee is not worth your time, and especially not your money.

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