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New, Discount Commercial Truck Tires For Sale

Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Firestone are three leading brands of commercial truck tires.

Commercial truck tires are a necessary component for any commercial truck.  Finding the right tire is essential for a big truck to complete its big jobs with ease, and avoiding any road mishaps.  The term commercial truck refers to any big truck that is used for an industry purpose like a dump truck, semi, or large mail trucks.  These require a different type of tire that can support heavy weight loads, a lot of mileage, and dangerous weather conditions.  Commercial truck tires have to be dependable, as they have a much harder life than the average tire.

Tire Types

For commercial trucks, depending upon use, a different type of tire will be required.  For models like dump trucks, which could end up doing a lot of off-road driving at construction sites, they will require off-road specific tires.  These are tires with wide and deep grooves within the tire treads, so that they can easily grip any surface, and remain stable despite driving on unstable terrain.  These are also important for vehicles like trash trucks, that also drive on varying types of surfaces.

Commercial Trucks

Other types of commercial trucks, like mail trucks and semis, require more on-road stylized tires.  These will have smaller and more evenly spaced treads, to provide for the higher speeds required of city streets and highways.  These commercial truck tires are specifically tailored to handle massive weight loads, at high speeds, and provide the traction and stability a big truck needs to handle perfectly.

Other Considerations

Some considerations to make when purchasing commercial truck tires for sale, are a tire’s mileage warranty, weight limit, and temperature and tread wear limitations.  Weight limit is important, as you need a tire that can support the massive weights that commercial trucks are expected to successfully carry.  Mileage warranties are also vital, as a tire needs to be guaranteed to last for a long time.  Commercial trucks rack up an awful lot of mileage, so any tire that doesn’t offer 50,000+ aren’t going to be worth the money.  Also factor in tread wear and temperature ratings.  You want a tire that can handle extreme temperatures, and especially tread wear so that the tires will be durable during the long trips a big truck requires.

Tires will wear down from time to time. Here is a video demonstration of that occurring.

The Places To Shop

Shopping with the bigger brands is the best idea for any commercial truck tire purchase.  That way you can get a trusted tire, that also comes with a good amount of guarantees.  Brands like:


BF Goodrich


are all good tire brands that sometimes even produce discount commercial truck tires.  Now you have to find a shop that specializes in big trucks.  There should be one in your area, although you might have to do a little traveling to find one that offers a wide variety of tires.

A good alternative is shopping online to buy commercial truck tires.  Online tires usually come in cheaper prices, for the same models you’d find at a local shop.  So make sure to check commercial tires for trucks at a variety of different places, before you settle on purchasing a tire.  That way you can get the most value for money, and the best tire possible for your commercial truck.

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