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New and Used Cheap Truck Tires For Sale

Friday, February 5th, 2010

We’ve created this resource to help you navigate the world of finding truck tires online, no matter what your needs may be.  Chances are you already own a vehicle and you’re looking for replacement wheels. Whether you’ve suffered from a flat or simply need to replace a set that has suffered from wear and tear, you’ll be happy to know that wheels for trucks can be found on the web both new and used for some pretty competitive prices. Whether you’re driving a commercial tractor trailer, a garbage truck, a flatbed, tow truck, pickup, ATV, or any other kind, you’ll see that many specialty retailers are eager for your business.

Choosing The Best Type

When it comes down to it, the obviously most important part of finding truck tires for sale is finding the correct ones.  Which tires are best for your truck depend upon how you use your truck.  Tires intended for off-road use are very different in effectiveness and price than your average road tire.  Although, for both types there are a practically infinite number of brands and tire types, so navigating all light truck tires for sale and heavy duty ones can be a difficult proposition.  So to narrow down your choices, first consider your driving history.

Things to Consider When Deciding

Do you typically tend to use your truck for off-road use, or mainly on-road?  Are you planning to go off road with your truck in the future?  If so, you may want to look for 4×4 truck tires or off road truck tires.

Which sort of weather conditions are you most likely to be driving in?  Will there be any snow involved?  All of these are questions you have to ask yourself to narrow down the type of tire that will match your vehicle.  Refer to the owner’s manual of your actual vehicle before finding any truck tires for sale to see which brands and types are recommended for your truck model.  The owner’s manual, and asking yourself these questions, will help you really get a decent idea of which truck tire might be right for you.

Capacity Needed

Now think about carrying capacity.  Each truck tire type has a different weight bearing load limit, that the tire can successfully endure without any damage.  Think about what you chiefly use your truck for.  If you carry a lot of heavy loads for work, or your hobbies, a strong truck tire will be better.  But if your truck is mainly a tool to drive you to, and from work, then you’ll just need a smaller on-road tire.  Factor in your main uses, so that you don’t buy truck tires that can’t hold up to your activities.

New or Used?

After this, you’ll have two more choices before you, when you buy tires for trucks.  There are used truck tires for sale, and brand new options.  Used tend to be much cheaper, but also don’t have the same guarantees as a brand new tire.  So used are more economical and wallet friendly, but also aren’t in as good of condition as new tires, and probably won’t last quite as long.

If you decide on a used or discount truck tire, make sure to inspect any tire before buying.  Check the tires for excessive wear, punctures, and pay special attention to the quality of the treads down the middle of the tire.  If the treads appear to be overly worn, and not in good condition, avoid that tire and any like it, for your safety and the safety of your vehicle.


When purchasing tires, the price will vary based upon brand and the type of tire you choose.  A local auto shop is usually the best place to go, so that you don’t suffer any problems from excessive price mark up.  Remember to purchase the biggest truck tires you can for your vehicle, as a bigger tire will provide more fuel economy, which will in turn save you money during the life of the tire.  Also remember to stick to the trusted brands of truck tires for sale, such as Michelin, Firestone, and Goodyear.

4×4, Off Road Pickup Truck Tires For Sale

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Buying pickup truck tires is different than most tire purchases you’ll make over a vehicle’s lifetime.  There are numerous considerations to take into account, such as a tire’s weight limit, as well as traction, temperature and tread wear grades.  All of which are very important to accurately determine how effective the new tires will be.  If you’ll be using your pick up truck tires for carrying heavy loads, or even for work, finding tires you can rely on is essential.  So the first step you should take, is narrowing down which tires would suit your needs best.


The owner’s manual should always be the first place you turn, to figure out size and tire type restrictions.  This way you can determine which off road tires will work best for your model of pickup truck.  A larger pickup truck tire will usually provide more fuel economy, so you can save money on gas in the long run.  But make sure whatever tire you buy has an appropriate weight load, so that it will be able to successfully support any weight that you are going to carry.  Not choosing a pickup tire with a high enough weight limit can cause damage to the tires, causing them to wear out much more quickly than expected.

Things To Watch For

Also pay special attention to any pickup truck tire’s tread wear and temperature ratings.  This refers to how long a tire will hold up under extreme temperatures, without the treads starting to wear down quickly.  Temperature ratings are done by letter,  usually with a rating of A, B or C.  A is the highest, signifying the ability for the tire to handle the most extreme temperatures.  Tread wear ratings are done through numbers, with higher numbers signifying better durability than lower numbers.  Pick a 4×4 truck tire with a good amount of durability, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth.

Shopping The Right Brands

Look at the top brands when thinking about pickup truck tires, so that you can be sure of what you’re getting.  Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone are good targets to start with, as they’re the most highly received brand names.  Also consider which type of tread that you’ll need, for the surface you’ll typically be driving on.

Narrow tread grooves are best served for roads, and well paved streets.  Larger more spread apart grooves are best for dirt roads, and off-road driving.  Choose the right tire for the area you’ll be driving, to be sure that you’ll have the proper traction.

Online or Retail Store Shopping

When looking to purchase pickup truck tires, you can either go to an automotive store in your area, or try shopping online.  Online dealers will have a wider selection of tires that meet your needs, at more competitive prices.  Internet giants like DiscountedWheelWarehouse.com is a good place to start.

But make sure any website you find offers guarantees to make sure that you can return a tire that doesn’t meet your standards.  As you won’t be able to see the pickup truck tires in person, you have to make sure you’re covered, in case the tires aren’t as depicted online.

Durable Truck Mud Tires For Off Road Driving

Friday, February 5th, 2010

If you have an off-road vehicle that you use for hobbies like mud bogging, you’ll be needing some truck mud tires.  These are specifically designed to give you traction and stability, even in the most slippery muddy grime.  Which type of tires you purchase will be based upon the best type for your truck model, as well as durability and workload.  The type of tire you purchase will determine how effectively your truck performs in the mud, and how long your tires will last.  So there are a few considerations you’ll have to make in which truck mud tires are going to be best for you.

Which Ones Will Work?

One of the major steps, is figuring out which off road tire types will work for your truck model.  Refer to your owner’s manual to see which size, and which tire types will work best for that truck.  That gives you a range to shop within.  Also consider that a larger tire will usually get more mileage, and provide a little more traction, especially in mud.  Traction is the most important factor obviously, and large truck tires usually provide a better amount, which means your mud riding activities will be as safe as possible.

Mud tires obviously must be durable and safe. After all, do you want this to happen?

Weight Limitations

Another really important factor, is a tire’s weight limitations.  You have to be sure that the tire can carry your truck, and the people or items that you’ll be driving with you.  Factor in on average how much weight your truck could be carrying on any given day.  Make sure the truck mud tire provides for well more than that, so you can ensure their durability, and rely on their ability to successfully navigate the biggest mud pits. Mud grip truck tires that can’t support as much weight as you’re carrying won’t be as effective, and will also wear down much more quickly.  That can lead to tire damage, and also costly vehicle damage.

Ride Options

Also consider how you want to ride through the mud.  There are two basic types of mud truck tires to facilitate mud bogging, both paddle tires and mud tires are sound options.  Paddle tires are useful for floating at the top of the mud, and literally paddling through the mass to the other side of a mud pool.  Mud tires are meant to stick into the bottom, and claw their way through, no matter how much muck is between you and the other side.  Mud tires tend to be the more fun, as they kick up more material, and provide a more bumpy and exciting ride.  But really it’s down to personal preference.

Opportunities To Shop

Any local auto shop will have a good selection of mud and paddle tires.  But you can also find great truck mud tires for sale at lower prices, on specialty websites like 4WheelOnline.com.  Online sites typically have cheaper prices per tire as well, and most offer free shipping.  But make sure an online site offers a guarantee so that you can return the tire if you’re unhappy with the quality.  Because you won’t actually see the tire before you receive it in the mail, make sure that the truck mud tires can be replaced if anything doesn’t meet your quality expectations.

Car, Truck, SUV and Van Discount Tires Online

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Finding discount tires online can be a great way to avoid industry price mark ups in your area.  In numerous cases, local automotive stores will raise prices beyond what they should be, because they know you’ll have to pay that price.  To completely avoid this, you can purchase your tires via the internet, but there are a few extra considerations you’ll have to make.

Tire Type Options

Beyond just the regular tire information, you’ll want to research a tire type that you’re interested in, so that you can be sure that tire is right for your car.  Because you won’t actually be seeing the tire, doing your research is the best way to successfully find discount online tires that won’t disappoint.

Deciding On Proper Tires

The first thing you should do, is narrow your search by thinking of the type of tire that’s most important to you.  What do you use your car or truck for?  Do you do a lot of driving down dirt roads, because of the area you live in?  Or are you located in a city, where your car will never leave nicely paved city roads?  Depending upon the answer, an off-road or on-road tire will be the best choice.  This is an important decision, as you need to choose the right tire, so that you can get the best value for your money.

Here is a video on how to properly shop online.


Don’t forget to refer to your owner’s manual, to see the tire size and types that are best suited to your vehicle when looking to buy cheap tires.  Then stick within those considerations, when shopping for discounted tires online.  Also consider which type of speed rating is ideal for you, for where you’re going to be driving your car most.  Speed ratings start at S which is the lowest, and ascend through T, U, H, V, W, Y and Z where Z is the highest speed rated.  If you do a lot of highway driving at high speeds, a wheel that’s higher on the scale will be better, so that you get the most mileage from that tire.  Also a tire that’s rated at a higher speed, will be safer when driving on a highway.

Shopping For New or Used Tires

Usually when finding discount tires online, you want to stay away from any used tires.  A used tire needs to be inspected before you purchase one.  With an online tire, you won’t be able to inspect it beforehand, so for safety reasons, stick to new tires from reputable websites.  Sites like OnlineTires.com and DiscountTireDirect.com are some of the best choices.  They have a wide variety of tires from different brands, and for different uses, all at competitive prices.  Remember to pay special attaention to how long the tire is expected to last.  A more expensive tire that has a higher mileage expectation, is usually a better value than a cheaper tire with a lower mileage limit.

Perhaps the most important part of finding discount tires online however, is making sure that the website has a guarantee.  Never shop at a site that doesn’t guarantee their tires, so that if anything goes wrong, you can receive a full refund.  No guarantee is not worth your time, and especially not your money.

New, Discount Commercial Truck Tires For Sale

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Commercial truck tires are a necessary component for any commercial truck.  Finding the right tire is essential for a big truck to complete its big jobs with ease, and avoiding any road mishaps.  The term commercial truck refers to any big truck that is used for an industry purpose like a dump truck, semi, or large mail trucks.  These require a different type of tire that can support heavy weight loads, a lot of mileage, and dangerous weather conditions.  Commercial truck tires have to be dependable, as they have a much harder life than the average tire.

Tire Types

For commercial trucks, depending upon use, a different type of tire will be required.  For models like dump trucks, which could end up doing a lot of off-road driving at construction sites, they will require off-road specific tires.  These are tires with wide and deep grooves within the tire treads, so that they can easily grip any surface, and remain stable despite driving on unstable terrain.  These are also important for vehicles like trash trucks, that also drive on varying types of surfaces.

Commercial Trucks

Other types of commercial trucks, like mail trucks and semis, require more on-road stylized tires.  These will have smaller and more evenly spaced treads, to provide for the higher speeds required of city streets and highways.  These commercial truck tires are specifically tailored to handle massive weight loads, at high speeds, and provide the traction and stability a big truck needs to handle perfectly.

Other Considerations

Some considerations to make when purchasing commercial truck tires for sale, are a tire’s mileage warranty, weight limit, and temperature and tread wear limitations.  Weight limit is important, as you need a tire that can support the massive weights that commercial trucks are expected to successfully carry.  Mileage warranties are also vital, as a tire needs to be guaranteed to last for a long time.  Commercial trucks rack up an awful lot of mileage, so any tire that doesn’t offer 50,000+ aren’t going to be worth the money.  Also factor in tread wear and temperature ratings.  You want a tire that can handle extreme temperatures, and especially tread wear so that the tires will be durable during the long trips a big truck requires.

Tires will wear down from time to time. Here is a video demonstration of that occurring.

The Places To Shop

Shopping with the bigger brands is the best idea for any commercial truck tire purchase.  That way you can get a trusted tire, that also comes with a good amount of guarantees.  Brands like:


BF Goodrich


are all good tire brands that sometimes even produce discount commercial truck tires.  Now you have to find a shop that specializes in big trucks.  There should be one in your area, although you might have to do a little traveling to find one that offers a wide variety of tires.

A good alternative is shopping online to buy commercial truck tires.  Online tires usually come in cheaper prices, for the same models you’d find at a local shop.  So make sure to check commercial tires for trucks at a variety of different places, before you settle on purchasing a tire.  That way you can get the most value for money, and the best tire possible for your commercial truck.