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Truck Lowering Kits: Why They Could Be The Right Option For You

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Customizing a vehicle can be a really fun thing to do, and there are all sorts of supplies out there for you to do practically anything to a car or truck that you own.  But you’re actually also going to find that some changes can be more than just aesthetically pleasing, and there’s actually a lot that you can do that’s going to improve the performance of your car as well.  Something like truck lowering kits can be invaluable for a variety of reasons, and to really change your truck for the better.

Basically that’s because these have a lot to offer for several reasons, and can be great whether you want something stylistic, or you want to go with something for better handling on the road few things can compare with lowering your truck.  Of course, you’re going to find that there are plenty of reasons that this can be ideal, and plenty of concerns that you’ll have in choosing truck lowering kits.  Here are a few things that you want to keep in mind for reasons why this is a great type of customization for you to explore:

First up, why lower your pickup truck?

There are several reasons why truck lowering kits can be your friend, and you’ll find that they can improve several different parts of a vehicle like this.  Here are a few of the most common factors that make for a great change in your vehicle, and why exploring truck lowering springs is a great idea:

Better handling and control of your vehicle.

There’s a reason that sports cars are built so close to the ground, and it’s because the lower your center of gravity, the less likely the car is to tip when you take turns.  You’ll find that with a truck the same thing is true, and when you’re a bit lower to the ground you have a lot more control and handling even when you’re driving at higher speeds.

A lot less wind resistance.

Closer to the ground the winds are not able to blow as hard or pickup as high, so therefore the lower that your vehicle is the less that the wind is going to affect it. That can actually be great for a variety of reasons too.  But what you will find is that truck lowering kits are going to really save you on gas mileage as you can cut through the wind a lot more easily, and also go a lot faster as a result too.  That will make a massive difference in the long run, and you’ll be amazed at the results.


But of course with truck lowering kits, you’ll also find that changing the appearance of your vehicle can be a great way for you to go as well.  By changing the truck around to have that lower more urban look, you’re free to do a lot more with the actual tone and style of your vehicle.  This can be a great way to really make the truck your own, and have it reflect a bit more of your personality than it would have done otherwise.

Ways that you can lower your truck

There are all different types of truck lowering kits out there, and you’ll find that how they lower your truck can be pretty different.  Here are a few of the most common methods that you can choose to employ there as well.

-Drop spindles.

Spindles are a part of your suspension system that actually help to hold the wheels of the car on your frame.  With drop spindles you’re actually able to lower that a bit more than normal, so that the suspension sit’s a bit lower instead.  However, these are one of the most labor intensive ways, and so is not always ideal when it comes to truck lowering kits.

-Coil spring compressors.

Another more easy way to actually lower your truck is to use spring compressors instead of drop spindles.  What these do is actually work like a large clamp to hold down and compress the spring a lot more.  That way, they are reduced so that they cannot go to maximum, and you are then sitting a lot lower on the actual truck suspension.

-Modified leaf springs.

You’ll find that many types of trucks are suspended through what is called leaf springs in the rear. Some truck lowering kits work around actually installing new springs there that come with a few metal rungs removed, so that they are a lot shorter.  This way, the truck is going to sit a lot lower, giving you the benefits that a lower truck would provide.