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Commercial Bucket Trucks Used For Sale Online

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Finding bucket trucks used can be a great way to get the industrial truck that you need to get the job done, without having to incur the massive cost you may be expecting.  The problem with purchasing trucks like these, is that they are very expensive, especially when you can only find them brand new.  But  by purchasing bucket trucks used, you can get the same great truck, at a fraction of the price, which can really help out when you’re trying to save money.  But you will want to be sure that you find the right truck, as well as a high quality model.  That means researching everything about your potential purchase, before you settle on a final option.

Why a Bucket Truck?

What makes bucket trucks used such a viable option, is that they are large commercial trucks that are basically meant to last a lifetime.  The truck that you buy today will end up being perfectly useful ten years down the line so long as you get a good model and are able to really take care of the type that you buy.  But one of the first things that you want to do, is get a good idea of which type of truck is going to apply to you.  That means thinking about what you’re going to use your bucket trucks used  for, and finding the right type that’s built for that purpose.

Here is a great video on how to stay safe when using a bucket truck.


Trucks of this type have a variety of different uses, including photography, construction, and practically any other type of application you can think of that requires reaching a high surface.  But you want to be sure that you purchase the right type, so that you can be sure you’re able to get the job done.  That means you’re going to want to think about how high your bucket truck needs to reach, as well as the weight limitation that’s acceptable to you.  You’ll find that trucks like these have different sizes, and you want to be sure that you can reach high enough, as easily as possible.  Usually they also have weight limitations of around 350 to 400lbs, so you have to be sure that that’s enough strength for your  body weight, and that of a coworker, or any heavy equipment.

Where To Buy

Once you have an idea of the bucket trucks used that will work best for you, you want to think about the best method for actually purchasing the most ideal truck.  You’ll find that there are two great methods available to you, either using a local commercial truck dealer, or using an online resource.  Local truck dealers can be great, as they have plenty of stock and options for buying the truck that you want.  But also, you’ll find that this way you’re able to actually inspect the stock available, so that you’re able to visually check out the trucks, and ensure that they are in working order.

Online Options

However, even at a large local bucket trucks used dealer, you can find your options somewhat limited.  For that reason, using a larger resource like TruckPaper.com can be fantastic, so that you can find literally any type of truck you want, nationwide.  You can even look up bucket trucks used within driving distance, so that you’re still able to inspect them, and ensure that they meet your standards.

New and Used Bucket Trucks for Sale for Work

Monday, May 24th, 2010

There are many jobs in construction and maintenance where access to equipment at height is needed. There are a number of ways to gain access to equipment which is high of the ground although one of the safest is a bucket truck. If your operations need the use of one of these vehicles there are many places that have bucket trucks for sale.

What is a Bucket Truck and What Does it Do?

A bucket truck has an enclosed platform on the back which is attached to a crane arm. This has a hydraulic system which can be used to raise and lower the platform for access to equipment which is located at height. These types of trucks can also be known as cherry pickers and they provide a few advantages for the user. The main benefit is safety. The enclosed platform has walls that typically come above the waist and this means that the operator can securely work at height with a much reduced chance of falling.

Many bucket trucks are used by utility companies to gain access to above head wires. In the electricity industry this is a distinct advantage in that the rubber wheels of the truck can insulate the operator if he accidentally touches the wires. Bucket trucks also have a range of other applications and this can include fruit picking, access to street lights and putting up large banners.

Sizes Available

If you are interested in bucket trucks for sale they come in a variety of sizes. The height to which the platform can be raised also varies. Light duty vehicles can typically have a working height of around 40 to 50 feet while on heavier duty vehicles the working height of the platform can be 60 to 70 feet and above. Some bucket trucks are available with a working height of greater than 100 feet. There are a number of manufacturers that produce these types of vehicles. Some of these include Altec, Terex and Simon Telect. These companies make a range of bucket trucks in various sizes and platform working heights.

Where To Purchase

There are a few resources that can be used to find details of the various bucket trucks for sale on the market. Most of the manufacturers have web sites where information on the vehicles they have available is given. These also have contact details if you want phone or fax someone directly. However if you want to compare and contrast a range of different bucket trucks there are a number of specialist websites that deal in bucket trucks. These tend to show truck specifications and prices and also provide the opportunity to purchase a truck. Some of those to consider include I-80 Equipment, Nesco Sales and Skyco Equipment. These have a range of new and used vehicles for sale and some also rent vehicles if you only need a truck for a limited period.

Total Cost

The price of bucket trucks for sale will vary depending on whether the equipment is new or used, the size of the vehicle and the manufacturer. It is obviously best to contact a dealer to get a quote for equipment although many of the vehicles on the market fall in the price range of around $20,000 to $100,000.

If you have a need to work at height then using a bucket truck is one of the best options available. It ensures that an operative can work safely and securely at height. With the variety of bucket trucks for sale on the market, most companies that need one should be able to find a vehicle that suits their needs and their budget.