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New and Used Cheap Truck Tires For Sale

Truck tires for sale can be found in many forms online for both on road commercial trucks and off road pickups and ATVs.

We’ve created this resource to help you navigate the world of finding truck tires online, no matter what your needs may be.  Chances are you already own a vehicle and you’re looking for replacement wheels. Whether you’ve suffered from a flat or simply need to replace a set that has suffered from wear and tear, you’ll be happy to know that wheels for trucks can be found on the web both new and used for some pretty competitive prices. Whether you’re driving a commercial tractor trailer, a garbage truck, a flatbed, tow truck, pickup, ATV, or any other kind, you’ll see that many specialty retailers are eager for your business.

Choosing The Best Type

When it comes down to it, the obviously most important part of finding truck tires for sale is finding the correct ones.  Which tires are best for your truck depend upon how you use your truck.  Tires intended for off-road use are very different in effectiveness and price than your average road tire.  Although, for both types there are a practically infinite number of brands and tire types, so navigating all light truck tires for sale and heavy duty ones can be a difficult proposition.  So to narrow down your choices, first consider your driving history.

Things to Consider When Deciding

Do you typically tend to use your truck for off-road use, or mainly on-road?  Are you planning to go off road with your truck in the future?  If so, you may want to look for 4×4 truck tires or off road truck tires.

Which sort of weather conditions are you most likely to be driving in?  Will there be any snow involved?  All of these are questions you have to ask yourself to narrow down the type of tire that will match your vehicle.  Refer to the owner’s manual of your actual vehicle before finding any truck tires for sale to see which brands and types are recommended for your truck model.  The owner’s manual, and asking yourself these questions, will help you really get a decent idea of which truck tire might be right for you.

Capacity Needed

Now think about carrying capacity.  Each truck tire type has a different weight bearing load limit, that the tire can successfully endure without any damage.  Think about what you chiefly use your truck for.  If you carry a lot of heavy loads for work, or your hobbies, a strong truck tire will be better.  But if your truck is mainly a tool to drive you to, and from work, then you’ll just need a smaller on-road tire.  Factor in your main uses, so that you don’t buy truck tires that can’t hold up to your activities.

New or Used?

After this, you’ll have two more choices before you, when you buy tires for trucks.  There are used truck tires for sale, and brand new options.  Used tend to be much cheaper, but also don’t have the same guarantees as a brand new tire.  So used are more economical and wallet friendly, but also aren’t in as good of condition as new tires, and probably won’t last quite as long.

If you decide on a used or discount truck tire, make sure to inspect any tire before buying.  Check the tires for excessive wear, punctures, and pay special attention to the quality of the treads down the middle of the tire.  If the treads appear to be overly worn, and not in good condition, avoid that tire and any like it, for your safety and the safety of your vehicle.


When purchasing tires, the price will vary based upon brand and the type of tire you choose.  A local auto shop is usually the best place to go, so that you don’t suffer any problems from excessive price mark up.  Remember to purchase the biggest truck tires you can for your vehicle, as a bigger tire will provide more fuel economy, which will in turn save you money during the life of the tire.  Also remember to stick to the trusted brands of truck tires for sale, such as Michelin, Firestone, and Goodyear.